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Ms Yam Sim

As the years go by, technology features more and more frequently in the lives of consumers. Businesses need to evolve with the times, and one way of doing so is to leverage digital marketing and media to reach potential consumers. Incorporated in 2016, Global Dot Com Pte Ltd is a branding agency focused on website development and other forms of digital marketing. Despite its nascence, Global Dot Com has found their footing in the industry fairly swiftly, providing a suite of services that aim to help clients connect with potential consumers.

Given the varying scope of each client’s needs, Global Dot Com strives to provide a service tailored to each client. Though they are well-known primarily for website development, clients often engage their other marketing services in order to drive traffic to the websites that they are tasked to create. Those range from social media marketing to search-engine optimisation and marketing, with each method having different types of reach.

Though their services are technical in nature, Global Dot Com firmly believes in the importance of people skills in their line of business. The process of optimising views and clicks is simple in comparison to that of having to handle clients and guide them through the work. As any creative agency will know, the client is often unaware of the effort and work that is put into the final product. Updating the client on the progress of projects, easing their concerns, explaining the need for quality assurance testing – these are all part and parcel of keeping the clients involved. The decision for such transparency is a result of their dedication to client relations. Any small-medium enterprise has to differentiate themselves from competitors, and Global Dot Com has chosen customer service as their distinguishing factor. They are flexible with client demands, which when coupled with their product quality and work ethic, results in a good reputation amongst potential clients. Referrals form the bulk of their incoming clients, and they have seen so much success in this area that they recently had to hire a project manager just to keep up.

Global Dot Com sees each project as an investment in the client relationship, focusing on seeing things from the client’s point of view. Though client handling may be frustrating at times, it is important to prevent it from bleeding through by maintaining one’s patience. As such, they strive to take care of their employees, organising company activities to promote company bonding. “When employees are happy, clients will be happy”, says Ms Sim, one of the founders of Global Dot Com. Employee welfare is key to successful business practices, and the company takes care not to overwork them, maintaining a strong organisational culture.

With the rise in use of social media, the ways in which society uses technology is constantly changing. Being part of such a dynamic industry mandates that one follows the trends, constantly innovating and keeping up with how technology is steadily intertwining with societal culture. This future-driven, forward-facing attitude is reflected in Global Dot Com’s plans for the future; aside from hiring telemarketers to improve sales and client reach, they have secured digital marketing experts, consultants to advise them on how best to approach this digital landscape. Well-equipped to take on the shifting landscape of digital marketing, Global Dot Com’s may be a young company, but their swift growth belies their age, proving the effectiveness of keeping employees and customers happy.

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