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Ms Senthil Kumar

Established in 2003, Red Apple Travel Group is the brainchild of Mr Suneet Goenka when he was pursuing his MBA at the University of Sheffield. Now, a managing director of his own company, Mr Goenka shares that he had to research on the destination management company model during a project and came up with the name Red Apple.

As the business model became more viable, Mr Goenka decided to start up his own company, naming it after what first sparked off this dream into reality.

Red Apple spans across 13 different countries including Australia, The Far East, and Europe and specialises in a varied portfolio of travel services. These services include implementing education tours, religious tours, MICE, leisure groups and weddings. Beyond their myriad of expertise, Red Apple has also acquired transportation and restaurants in various destinations that makes planning program logistics smoother for their clients. Under transportation, the travel conglomerate owns its very own fleet of coaches, vans and luxury cars in all 13 destinations it operates in.

Being the avid traveller he is, Mr Goenka welcomes making international travel more affordable and reachable for the Indian passenger. Due to its experience in the field, Red Apple is able to provide preferential rates for their clients through long-standing relationships with local suppliers. Still rising rapidly now, 14 years since establishment, it is evident that Mr Goenka’s customer-centric approach works and many travellers are appreciative of the value-added services that Red Apple brings.

Since taking on the role of managing director, Mr Goenka has not lost his passion for travel and reveals that he thoroughly enjoys the energetic pace that his job gives him, which he refers to as “action-packed”. “Because we have offices in Australia, The Far East and Europe, my day starts pretty early and progresses between different time zones.”

In its early days, Red Apple faced challenges such as adapting to cultural differences, financial planning and building relationships with customers and

suppliers from scratch. More than abiding by a business model, Red Apple shares that it was about “putting all the right pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together”.

Mr Goenka elaborates that Red Apple was able to overcome its challenges back then because it saw “each challenge as a new avenue and additional opportunity”. Having the unwavering support of his family and capable team members has been paramount to Red Apple’s success as well, he adds.

This fervent attitude to learn has in fact brought Red Apple into many breakthroughs and innovations. One such achievement was the introduction of a new module of seats in coaches, which is still being adopted and followed by many transport operators worldwide.

At the core of Red Apple, it believes being customer-centric is the key to pushing boundaries, as there is a desire to ensure a seamless customer experience. With that in mind, Red Apple intends to involve technology within its operations, as well as process and industry experts in the foreseeable future to meet that goal.

In retrospect, what started out as a case study is now a thriving global business in 13 destinations to boast. As it has always done so, Red Apple will surely continue to drive innovation and cultivate trust among its customers from across the globe.

All in all, with astute leadership and a willingness to adapt, Red Apple may well be on its way to become the apple of the eyes of globetrotters who are looking for luxury they can afford.

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