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Mr Chew

Chew Group Holdings is a multi-business organization providing solutions for consumers and businesses. They aim to be a global company at the forefront of our chosen industries, shaping the future for the benefit of all our stakeholders. The Chew Group of Companies includes Chew Group Health Supplement Production & Distribution (Healthy Food Empire), Chew Group Singapore Real Estate Agency (Midfield Realty Pte Ltd), Chew Group Australia House & Hand Development (Lucror Property) and Chew Group Investment Arms. Chew Group Holdings Pte Ltd is a statutory member of the Singapore Business Federation; they aim to meet the growing need for healthier living, sustainable business life cycles and opportunities for high-value investment.

Healthy Food Empire is a Health Science company established on Naturopathic philosophy. They utilise a science-based preventive medical approach towards healthy living and aging. Their principal activities focus on developing life enhancement and extension products, and providing solutions that improve the quality of life for all. They offer breakthrough bio-medical product solutions in major areas of health concerns related to aging. In helping to prevent the chronic illnesses of modern society, Healthy Food Empire aims to extend and enhance quality of life.

At Healthy Food Empire, they seek to improve the quality of our customers’ everyday lives. Driven by the desire to bring healthier living to our customers, they focus on developing new products to fulfil customer needs. Healthy Food Empire’s products are scientifically certified and rigorously tested for safety.

Midfield Realty Pte Ltd was established in 1979 as a real estate agency registered with the Singapore Council of Estate Agencies. They are involved in a wide spectrum of real estate services including: corporate leasing services, investment sales, commercial and industrial sales, en-bloc sales, full time sales, training and seminars, local project and international projects launches.

Their extensive range of properties and services extends to Singapore, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia and Philippines. They are proud to have maintained an excellent reputation of efficiency and professionalism during our experience of full market cycles in a fluctuating market. As an international real estate agency with clients from varying time zones, they promise to work around any client’s schedule. Over 25 years of experience, they have built extensive connections with all sectors of the real estate market.

Midfield Realty provides competitive commission rates for sales of property at 1% (of the sales price). Their costs are fully transparent; their focus is building good will with clients through providing good value for money, a client-focused approach and strong work ethic.

Lucror Property Pte Ltd is a House and Land Development company catering to Asia investors in the Australian property market. They simplify the process of property investment in Australia for prospective clients throughout Asia. From land and house, to individual unit purchases, we help clients make smart financial decisions. 12 years of experience allows them to extend a guiding hand to all their clients, even first-time property investors.

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 8 Boon Lay Way #03-05,
Tradehub 21 (S) 609964
T| +65 6227 7220

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