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Ms Mukunnan Geetha (M.Geetha)

Service Connections HR Consultancy Pte Ltd is a premier recruitment company which prides itself on accurately and effectively meeting the needs of any organisation, big or small. They boast an extensive suite of services, including consultancy, senior recruitment, and headhunting, as well as placement for permanent, temporary, contract and part-time roles. Some of the company’s past clients include ministries, government statutory boards, various multi-national corporations (MNCs), and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The company began as Service Connections Pte Ltd, incorporated in 1997 by Director Ms M. Geetha to provide services catered to partners, clients, and candidates by connecting people to their communities, helping them to pursue meaningful work. Her team’s dedication to this goal never wavered, even as the company underwent a rebranding in 2008, emerging as Service Connections HR Consultancy.

Life as the director of a human resources (HR) consultancy firm consists of long hours and hard work. The constant barrage of emails, meetings, and calls alongside the various responsibilities of running a HR consultancy firm can easily overwhelm anybody. However, Ms. Geetha finds satisfaction in knowing that her work makes a real difference in the candidates’ lives. She pursues travel and reading as a respite from the stress of work, seeking peace and serenity in her life as a counterbalance to the fast-paced environment of management.

Ms. Geetha’s passion and empathy for others is exemplified in the policies adopted by Service Connections. In order to differentiate themselves in a sea of competition, the company provides additional services to their candidates to make it easier for them to find employment. These include linking up with various social service organisations such as Mendaki, SINDA, and government-run Career Centres to help keep potential candidates posted on the status of their applications, reducing anxiety during the process. Service Connections also recommends suitable courses by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and Workforce Singapore (WSG) to potential candidates, and even holds recruitment drives at community centres for the convenience of residents. Their focus on connecting with their candidates has earned them a prime position within the industry.

Service Connections and their team of experienced consultants are well recognised within the government and private business sectors, namely: the airline, oil and gas, food and beverage, as well as hospitality industries. The company enjoys the patronage of top clients in these sectors, having secured vendor contracts with a number of government ministries despite fierce competition.

Aside from the stiff competition, HR companies are also susceptible to global events and trends. Businesses can potentially freeze hiring during times of uncertainty, such as downturns in the economy or even natural disasters. For instance, a hiring slowdown in 2003 during the SARS period was a harsh blow to many recruitment agencies. However, Service Connections was able to rely on the strong rapport they had built with their clients to tide them through those tough times.

Never content to fall into complacency, Ms. Geetha looks to expand Service Connections over the next 5 years, growing the company’s brand recognition in Singapore as a household name. She also intends to bring Service Connections into the business of sourcing for overseas talents, tapping into the international market.

For budding entrepreneurs and graduates looking to enter the industry, Ms. Geetha suggests a blend of different qualities to work towards: hardworking, persistence, patience, social consciousness, and compassion. Social consciousness and compassion are at the heart of the HR industry, and the combination of the 5 ensures a versatile and well-rounded individual that is adept in any situation.

Fuelled by a strong desire to discover and unleash their candidates’ potential with an emphasis on building rapport and connections with the people they work with, Ms. Geetha and Service Connections HR Consultancy look set to solidify their position as a premier industry player in times to come.

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