Heaven and Princess Butterfly Amulet


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Mr. Vincent Ong

The name of this company says it all. Expertising in amulets and the various ways that they work in order to help enhance one’s life is the main vision at Heaven and Princess Butterfly Amulet (H&P). They specialise in Butterfly Amulets, customized to assist in enlightening the path of one’s life. While H&P primarily deal with amulets, they like to be known as a ‘friendship building station’. As the customers at H&P never fail to establish a great friendship with them, this in return evokes a sincere will in H&P to put in their utmost best in choosing the amulets aptly suited for each of their customers, aiming to help improve their lives through it.

Incorporated in 2013, H&P was one of the pioneers in this industry to have their amulets made available through auction. Mr Vincent Ong, who then turned his idea into a business venture, conceived this resourceful idea as he holds a friendly-natured personality, he takes pleasure in meeting his numerous customers turned friends who patronise his business daily. Overseeing the daily running of his business becomes entertaining since his business is derived from his passion of wanting to reach out to help others. Vincent believes strongly in his company motto, ‘Amulets make friends’, which is why he enjoys interacting with all his customers as they bond over the many different types of butterfly amulets available.

While Vincent has succeeded in creating a niche for H&P within its industry, the success did not come entirely easily. He had to break through the many negative misperceptions that customers would generally have regarding amulets due to the many other unethical dealers within the trade that are out to create harm and bring one down. It is because of the common trade rivalry that makes customers skeptical about his business when he first ventured into the industry. However, the success of the butterfly amulets that indeed helped enhance the lives of many resulted in a rippled effect of word of mouth. Vincent always made sure that he took the time to understand his customers before choosing the right amulet for them. His many years of strong experience serves as guidance when assigning the perfect amulet for his customers.

It was due to the strong faith that he had in his amulets and the goodwill in him to always want to do good for others that kept both him and his business up high. H&P has a reputation to bring out the positivity in oneself, outshining any negativity. Along with this, Vincent keeps a very positive mindset towards his business as well. He believes that keeping a positive mindset sends out brighter vibes around you, this allows room for better communication and relationship with his customers.

Today, H&P stands distinguished from their competitors through their excellent customer service. The friendly natured environment adds on to the services they offer, making their customers feels comfortable immediately and at home. Additionally, Vincent’s sincerity and honest efforts in wanting to help his customers shows invariably. The dedication that he puts into his customers sets him and his company vastly apart from their competitors within the trade. Vincent shared that he hopes to be able to set an example within the industry as an exemplary entrepreneur.

With the absolute humility by which Vincent runs his business, he shared that his proudest achievement to date was his ability to own his own shop to run his business. Vincent managed to pay the full amount of his shop within two years, and today it has become one of his assets. He remembers the many miracles that occurred along the way during his business journey, aiding him and never letting him fall. This in return, inspires Vincent to expand his business. In fact, Vincent plans to venture overseas in the next year to come. Apart from that, he wishes to be able to bring in employees that would be able to sell their services as good as him, sharing the same zest and dedication as him. While these are his future plans, Vincent also conveyed his thoughts on what it takes to be a successful business person in this industry.

According to Vincent, an aspiring entrepreneur is bound to meet people that are going to want to bring one’s business down, however, on the other hand, they will also meet people that would be strong supporters of your business too. It should not be disheartening, instead the entrepreneur should focus on investing every ounce of their energy into showing great sincerity in wanting to help their customers through their service of business. This in return would help to build a greater trust between your customers. Though these are factors that Vincent follows and practices himself, he also remembers the advices from his father. His father, Mr Ong Kian Cheong; a businessman himself too, always taught Vincent to value people to people relationship and not to put monetary profits as first priority in a business. Keeping his father’s advice in mind probably instilled a ‘going the extra mile’ personality in him. It is with such values in a business person that keeps Vincent rooted and humble despite being at the peak of his success.

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