United ACMV Engrg Pte Ltd

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Mr. Alex Goh

Incorporated in 2013, United ACMV Engrg Pte Ltd is an air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation specialist with experience in both commercial and residential sectors. The company provides installation and maintenance services for all manner of air-conditioning units as well as ductworks. In addition to their core competencies, they also handle electrical wiring works during building works.

Director of United ACMV, Mr Alex Goh, got his start as an employee servicing units almost 10 years ago. At 36 years of age, many would consider him young to be running his own company. However, he is quick to play down this achievement, explaining that it was simply the next step in his career progression. He further added that while he is actively involved in the industry now, it was not a chosen path when he first started working but rather circumstances which have led him to this point.

United means togetherness and is a nod towards team effort. Alex shares that he chose this name as it represents his vision for the company and how he wants it to function. The second part of the company’s name, ACMV simply reflects the services offered by Alex and his team. All things considered, United ACMV Engrg is a straightforward name that accurately reflects the company’s vision and services.

But United ACMV Engrg’s emphasis on team effort does not stop at at themselves. In fact, the company has extended their working philosophy to clients, which has enabled them to differentiate themselves from the competition by building strong long term working relationships with their clients. This is in stark contrast to other providers who seek turnover by hopping from project to project. The emphasis on relationship building, paired with a laser focus on high quality and long lasting work for the commercial sector has helped United ACMV Engrg stand out from the competition and quickly grow the company in a short amount of time.

As a result of their business philosophy, United ACMV Engrg has managed to power through recent events like the downturn in economy which other businesses as well as industries have struggled with. Applying foresight and in order to future proof the business, Alex shares that he is currently chasing and securing projects for his team to do in order to ensure good cash flow in anticipation of the economy turning worse.

As with many entrepreneurs, the journey to a successful business was not always smooth sailing for Alex. At the forefront of challenges faced when he first went into business were financial difficulties which compounded into three main issues that the company had to overcome. First was the inability to take on higher volume projects due to a lack of purchasing power, second was a lowered cash flow which affected budgeting portions for certain aspects of the business and lastly was being unable to increase manpower which greatly hampered operational capabilities.

In order to overcome the initial start-up challenges, Alex leaned heavily on the networks and connections he had made during his time as an employee. By leveraging on favorable connections to secure deals as well as projects, the business was able to get off the ground and build momentum required to take off.

Reviewing the journey of United ACMV Engrg from inception to where it is today, Alex highlights the quick growth and expansion as some of his proudest achievements to date. Putting things into perspective, he picks out the company store as one of the features that the business originally did not start out with. Further explaining that now that they have expanded to have enough space for storage, they are able to further enhance their services by having essential items on the premises to cater to urgent requests.
Looking into the future, Alex foresees continuous expansion as part of United ACMV Engrg business plans for the next five years. Plans are underway to fully integrate electrical works into the list of company services, as well as expansions into unexplored but related sectors such as building construction and management control services. Alex shares that there is a need to find talented and knowledgeable people to fill these positions and transition the company smoothly. With an inspiring and forward-looking leader at the helm, United ACMV Engrg Pte Ltd looks set to accomplish great things in new industries.

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