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Mr. Syed Salahudin

Security personnel have always been known for their pivotal role where safeguarding is concerned. However, it is equally essential that the team behind the management of these security personnel be just as proficient. Which is why at Tiger Hong Investigations and Security Pte Ltd, they are not only reputable for their pool of security management services but also for their investigation and surveillance services as well. While that is just a fraction of what Tiger Hong Investigations and Security is capable of, their efficacious team offers services that are out of the conventional security managements as well. They expertise in rendering their services for criminal and civil cases too, such as infringement, insurance and commercial fraud and many more. Aside from that, one would never need to worry about their personal safety too as they provide valiant bodyguard officers for events and such. Being an exemplary company in the security industry, Tiger Hong Investigations and Security have come a long way since its inception.

Incorporated in 1992, the company was known as Tiger Hong Security Services incepted by Warrant Officer, Captain Hong Seng Mak. He is a legend as he was a strict disciplinarian when he was a Company Sergeant Major and a Regimental Sergeant Major at the Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute (SAFTI) training grounds. His stints earned him the nickname of ‘Tiger Hong’, thus the name behind his company evolved from this. However, in 2013, Tiger Hong Security Services was taken over by Mr Suppiah Sinnah & Mr Syed Salahudin who then turned it into the company that it is today. They became a new entity within the SME industry. Mr Syed invests long hours of dedication towards his job in overseeing the running of their daily operations. He also holds the responsibility of handling any problems that occurs onsite.

While it may seem like a tedious process behind ensuring a smooth daily operation, Mr Syed keeps the inspiration from his mentor, Mr Thiruselvam, close to him. This strong inspiration keeps him going at all times. It was from him that he learnt the ropes from and got inspired to set up a company. Aside from that, Mr Syed was a full time Police Officer during 1994; he had also spent seven years with Singapore International Airlines (SIA) as an air marshal before furthering his studies to venture into the security industry. With his qualifications and experience attained, he decided to embark into the security industry.

The bold step that he took to come into the security industry proved to be a successful business venture. Tiger Hong Investigations and Security became one of the luminaries within the industry. They were even mentioned during the National Day speech in 2016. In spite of being one of the leading lights in their trade, Tiger Hong Investigations and Security stand distinguished from their competitors. They stand by their core values of never over-promising their clients as well as under quoting them. With their prompt delivery of their services and living up to their promises made to their clients; they not only made a mark in the industry, but win the hearts of their clients as well. Though this is an achievement itself, Mr Syed takes pride in their ability to be able to take on projects that others are not able to do. Mr Syed explained that many a times, they get clients who come by needing services that are not able to be carried out by other companies. It is then, that Tiger Hong Investigations and Security accepts the challenge and works towards executing it out for them. He credits this ability as their proudest achievement till date as they have never failed their clients.

Today, Tiger Hong Investigation and Security has attained great eminence, however, it does not stop there. Mr Syed shared his future plans for his company, expressing his intentions to reduce manpower by introducing more technology into his business. In the next few years to come, he will be devising on a strategy to reduce human effort with the help of technology. In addition to that, he is also looking to rope in more scholarly qualified officers into his team.

Being an ambitious leader himself, Mr Syed has brought Tiger Hong Investigation and Security a long way up the ladder of success. He imparted his thoughts on what it takes for an aspiring entrepreneur to be successful in the security industry. He revealed that taking care of your guards should be at the topmost priority, ensuring that their salary is paid on time. Apart from that, being realistic is crucial too. One should not over promise, instead give a realistic time frame to the client. This helps to ensure that the client’s wishes are fulfilled in time. Establishing the right balance between managing your guards as well as clients would definitely help in the growth of the business. Following these steps proves to be successful as Mr Syed himself practices them in his business, thus the success of Tiger Hong Investigations and Security is evident. With a tactical leader that is skilled with exceptional business sense, Tiger Hong Investigation and Security Pte Ltd is certainly headed for another heap of success.

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