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Mr. Stanley Tan

Incorporated in 2014, Colors Design Workshop Pte Ltd was founded by Mr. Stanley Tan to be a premier interior design and consultancy firm specialising in commercial, retail and residential projects. Despite being newly established, they are rapidly growing in renown and becoming an outstanding player in their industry. To date, Colors Design has successfully serviced over 30 renowned brand names with over a hundred completed designs in their portfolio.

From design conceptualisation to actualisation, the company provides a wide array of services to meet the needs of their clients. These services include but are not limited to – new store conceptualising, design-to-build projects, fitting-out on existing store designs as well as providing full sets of submission drawings to respective authorities for vetting and approval. Fielding a team of dedicated and experienced designers, Colors Design is confident in delivering the best to all of their customers.

To the uninitiated, interior design can be an intimidating subject to broach. Colors Design endeavors to position themselves as a design firm that is casual, simple and approachable. In order to achieve this, the team focuses on sincere communication, coming up with personalised services as well as holding discussions to better understand customer requirements. This emphasis on building rapport with both current and potential clients enables staff to be invested in their projects, which in turn gives them the freedom to express their passion and excitement for their work. Besides clients, Colors Design also extends their philosophy to other aspects of the business. For instance, the company supports and coordinates closely with subcontractors to ensure a smooth delivery.

As a testament to the effectiveness of their working philosophy, Colors Design has managed to carve out a reputable name for itself amongst stiff competition despite having only entered the market for two years. However, when the company first started, the team faced obstacles such as a small pool of clients and manpower to complete projects. In order to overcome this, the company emphasised on their approachability, utilising social media platforms like Facebook and instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp to allow clients to conveniently interact with them in real-time. This enabled Colors Design to build up their credibility and attract a wider pool of clients. To date, company director Stanley attributes their success as a blend of having a strong team of well-trained designers, supportive contractors and a wide overseas client base.

From an overall perspective, the growth of Colors Design from a small company with only a handful of clients to a reliable partner of major shopping malls in Singapore has been nothing short of impressive. To date, the firm has clinched projects with well-known names ranging from City Chain, Watsons to Optical 88 and many more. For Stanley and his team, these collaborations with prominent names serve as a form of motivation, spurring them to continue giving their best at work.

While businesses often pursue monetary gains, Stanley explains that his business plans do not always revolve around making profits, but how to run the company more efficiently and improve themselves as a whole. He elaborates, “Entrepreneurship is about creating something valuable which is high in demand. For every business owner to reach his or her ultimate potential, he or she must learn to direct and manage his or her staff effectively.”

As a parting message, Stanley advises budding entrepreneurs to have a clear mind when starting a business, “It is essential for you to be wise, have foresight and know how to handle problems when they arise.” Lastly, he adds that it is crucial to be aggressive and possess determination in order to snatch up opportunities when entering a competitive industry.

As their reputation increases, Stanley his team behind Colors Design Workshop Pte Ltd look set to take the business to greater heights. Plans are underway to explore suitable office and factory spaces locally to accommodate their growth, as well as expand operations overseas. The company might be young, but they have achieved many remarkable milestones cementing themselves a leading design consultant for retail spaces, from here on out, the future looks bright.

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2 Changi North Street 1
#03-02 S(498828)
T| 6386 1408

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