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Dr. Garrie Giam

Since their incorporation in 1996, PT Business Network (Pte) Ltd has specialized in bringing in products from Europe and the United States for distribution within South-East Asia (SEA). The company acts as a manufacturer’s representative supplying items such as equipment and raw material for the production of magnet wires, powder/wet coating, lubricants, desiccants for oil refineries & petrochemicals plants. In addition, they conduct marketing for their manufacturing partners as well as consulting and technical services for customers.

As a manufacturer representative, one of the company’s main objectives is to ensure that the needs of their customers are supported and seen to. In order to meet this demand PT Business Network is headquartered in Singapore with representative offices in India, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia. This allows for complete coverage throughout SEA enabling the company to better respond to client enquiries and facilitate trade. Their web includes countries such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines.

Besides product distribution, PT Business Network also produces their own leading brand of lubricants (engine oil) used in many automotive and manufacturing industries. They are currently the only company in SEA with the capabilities to set up powder coating facilities on a turnkey basis inclusive of training. They are also able to assist in the setup of magnet wire manufacturing factories. This puts them in an ideal position to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the booming developing industries within the SEA region. Recognizing this opportunity, Dr. Garrie Giam moved swiftly to set up operations in Myanmar where PT Business Network currently holds five offices with 80 employees.

Given his stellar track record of making shrewd business decisions, one would assume that Dr. Giam had always intended to go into business. However, he shares that he had never expected to start his own company. Having previously been employed in a general trading company for almost 10 years, he felt content in his role as a general manager. It was during this period where he developed the strong relationships with his customers that would eventually form the foundations to drive his business forward.

Dr. Giam attributes the success of PT Business Network to the connections and relationships he has forged. Working to build trust with his customers, he treats them as friends, even taking the time to travel and visit them to establish bonds. As a result of his efforts, the company was able to smoothly transition through their initial start-up phase as his previous customers turned suppliers and were able to give him credit terms. This emphasis on trust goes beyond relationships with customers. Dr. Giam also believes in letting his employees be independent, trusting them to do their best at their jobs and rewarding them with good remuneration. He ensures that all his staff is adequately trained and proficient in their job scope by sending them for external courses.

When it comes to differentiating his business from competitors, Dr. Giam reveals that PT Business Network is always eager to educate their customers at a technical level. He likens his company to an encyclopaedia, explaining that his customers can always contact him regardless of whether their issues are related or not. This builds customer confidence in the company’s abilities as they know that they will always have an answer to their questions.

Furthermore, PT Business Network’s position as a one-stop provider greatly increases convenience and accessibility for their customers. The company offers a range of products that can easily cover the needs of an entire department from machinery to supplies. PT Business Network ensures that supplies are readily available to their customers and take full responsibility for the troubleshooting, maintenance as well as servicing of machinery. This enables them to build a long-term relationship with clients and puts them in a suitable position to recommend ways to optimize operations.

For Dr. Giam, entrepreneurship is about being different and thinking out of the box. He enjoys gaining knowledge and using it for innovation, such as creating new processes for his customers. Given his emphasis on trust in relationships it should come as no surprise that he highly values integrity and sincerity as two qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur. A self-professed old-school family man, he cites providing for his family and passing down the business to his next generation as motivational factors to keep going. This ideology and values is credited to his father, Mr. Michael Giam who originally established the company for his brother to trade with Indonesia.

Under Dr. Giam’s visionary leadership, PT Business Network continues to enjoy success and growth in the SEA region. As the company continues to source for more business opportunities, it looks set to be the driving force empowering developing industries in times to come.

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