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UBTSName of Recipient:
Mr. Ng Tong Liang, Jimmy

UBTS Pte Ltd was inaugurated as a local private corporation in July 1981. Involved in the business of logistics, warehousing and equipment solutions, UBTS is currently one of the pioneers and leaders in this industry. The corporation began with only less than a handful of employees and has since grown significantly, enabling them to empower clients through innovative and integrated value-added logistic services efficiently.

Founder of UBTS, Mr. Ng, divulged that it was a captain whom he had acquainted with that inspired and spurred him to start up a company in this particular field. When the shipping, logistics and transportation industry were on the verge of a phenomenal growth, the captain suggested for Mr. Ng to take this route to his fortune. Thus, Mr. Ng bravely took the entrepreneurial plunge and established his own business. He began with Union Baggage & Transport service, a sole-proprietorship he started in the 1970s. It was only in the 1980s when he made the strategic decision to incorporate UBTS Pte Ltd.

When asked if the company had encountered any challenges when they first entered the market, Mr. Ng recalled having to work for almost 20 hours a day just to complete his tasks on hand. It was onerous, having to solely manage the company and taking charge of most of the administrative work. At that time, all the company had was one small lorry, which Mr. Ng had to personally operate by himself. Furthermore, getting financial help was difficult, as banks did not offer loans at that period.

Nevertheless, Mr. Ng was determined to excel. Albeit the tough circumstances, he always thought on the brighter side of things. “When things got ardous, I knew I had to work harder than I already am. Sleep was a privilege then,” shared Mr. Ng. Without his perseverance, UBTS would probably not become who they are today. Surely, there are still obstacles every now and then, such as the recent economic crisis. However, Mr. Ng would constantly seek for solutions and ensure that the necessary steps are taken.

At UBTS, they pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer care and being transparent with their clients. By doing so, it builds trust between the two parties as well as a strong and healthy work relationship. Additionally, UBTS ensures that each customer’s experience is an unique one, tailoring their services to suit their needs. Hence, plenty of their clients have coined the company as a trustworthy and capable service provider, making them the first choice of many.

Today, UBTS has successfully occupied 100% of its warehouse space despite its small beginnings. Mr. Ng revealed that they are seeking to diversify into another industry that will also complement their current services. Besides that, UBTS is trying to secure a land space from Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) so that there will be more accommodation for industrial purposes.

After many years, Mr. Ng still keeps himself involved in the activities of the company, evidently displaying his passion and commitment to UBTS. To him, entrepreneurship is a long journey that comprises of developing a business from scratch. Mr. Ng ended off by advising budding entrepreneurs to be hardworking, committed in their work and being honest in all that they do.

With Mr. Ng’s business acumen in overcoming difficulties and challenges of the times, UBTS Group of Companies have been performing well. It is apparent that the corporation truly deserves the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award and will go on to reach more milestones in the future.

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