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Mr. Early Ong P.S.

The name Kim Huat Refrigeration & Electrical Pte Ltd rings a bell of familiarity amongst numerous clients in the commercial industry. The company has been a mainstay ever since its inception five decades ago in 1965.

In those days, true to its company name, Kim Huat’s main focal area of business operations lay in handling refrigeration and electrical works for its clients. That being said, fast-forward to the present, and one will realize that Kim Huat is actually no longer serving its clientele for their refrigeration and electrical needs any longer.

Ever since 1993, Kim Huat has undergone a radical revamp to its business operations, choosing to pull away from the refrigeration and electrical industry, which was what the firm’s core operations revolved around. It chose to make a beeline towards focusing its operations on handling air-conditioning services instead, essentially comprising of the sale, installation and servicing of air-con units.

The main clientele list for its new operations consisted of individuals and companies stemming from both residential and commercial avenues. Some examples of its more prominent clients includes the State Courts, a significant number of community centres spread across the island and also a vast array of schools in Singapore, too.

Mr. Early Ong tells us that maintaining this business was largely part of his bid to take over his father’s fruit of labour, making a name for it in the industry. Through the years, Kim Huat has seen its operations evolved gradually, with the change process getting underway in the early 1980s. The company has gone from its initial focus on refrigeration and electrical works to branching out further by trying its hand in the sale of home appliances. Thereafter, it embarked on air-conditioning related works in 1989 before deciding on a full-on conversion in 1993 to focus its operations solely on air-conditioning services.

With the backing of fellow family members who have also taken up various roles and designations within the firm, Kim Huat has been blessed to have a rather smooth-sailing journey since its inception. However, as to how all business operations are, hiccups and hurdles along the way are but an inevitable matter, and in Kim Huat’s case, it has proved no less different either. The refrigeration and electrical industry saw a major saturation issue with numerous companies joining in the fray for a slice of the pie over the years.

When Kim Huat branched out towards the sale of home appliances, it encountered certain difficulties too. For instance, it proved difficult to approach individual retailers for the sale of the appliances. This was due to intense competition in the industry itself and also issues of non-payment arising. In a bid to counter such adversities, Kim Huat opted to sell its home appliances on a wholesale basis instead, which eventually proved to be a better alternative.

In time to come, however, with such aforementioned detracting factors, Kim Huat switched to handling air-con related services in a bid to sustain its survivability in the field as air-conditioning works provided better profit margins.

Since then, Kim Huat has never looked back, going full-steam ahead with its air-conditioning related works. It has managed to successfully establish a name for itself in its new field, winning over numerous clients who remain loyal patrons of its services till today.

Mr. Early Ong tells us that his secret formula to the company’s successful ways consists of two main factors, experience and skill. Kim Huat chooses to utilize its very own staff when executing the labour intensive works on site, as opposed to numerous other firms that have a tendency to use sub-cons instead. Coupled with more than 20 years of experience, Kim Huat’s clients know that they are able to fully trust Mr. Early Ong and his very capable team in executing the required tasks.

The firm’s winning formula is also what sets it apart from its competitors in the industry, allowing it to continuously thrive even after so many years in operation.

In recent years, Kim Huat has faced certain additional challenges as well due to varying factors, for instance, amendments in government regulations pertaining to the employment of foreign workers. Increasing levies has raised the overall cost of employment for these workers and, along with the increasing difficulty of locals being adamant against taking up labour intensive jobs, have made employment issues the main concern of numerous companies, with Kim Huat being no exception.

In the foreseeable future over the next couple of years, Kim Huat has no major plans as of yet, with the likelihood of focusing its resources on the air-conditioning services industry.

Mr. Early Ong leaves us with some of words of wisdom, advising young entrepreneurs to remain flexible and adaptable, especially so in view of the changing market trends and economic situations as well.

With such a down-to-earth owner at the helm of things spearheading Kim Huat’s operations, it is clear for all to see that this company with a rich history will continually make headways in the industry!

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