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Mr. Chan Chee Han
Mr. Raymond Ng
Mr. Teo Kia Heong

In today’s world, competition amongst companies has become increasingly tight and difficult to manage. This has resulted in the surge of promotional initiatives to boost a company’s presence. Corporate gifting, among the many other strategies, is fast, easy to distribute and cost-effective, entailing a perfect marketing tactic.

Recognizing the demand and opportunity to grow in this business, Raymond Ng, together with Chan Chee Han and Teo Kia Heong founded Iderikt Fission in 2010. Iderikt Fission is a wholesale supplier and distributor for corporate as well as premium gifts. The array of products they offer serves well as marketing materials, individual incentives, client gifts, and commemorating special occasions.

Their name, Iderikt Fission, is a creative amalgam of a Swedish word and nuclear physics. Iderikt is defined as ‘imaginative’ while Fission represents the dynamic spirit of atoms in a nuclear reaction. Raymond Ng added, “When these two words come together, it spells out as an explosion of ideas. The creative collaboration of our company name is consistent with our core values and mission.”

As companies clamour for customers’ loyalty and attention, it is crucial to create the right impression. To achieve that impeccable impression, Iderikt Fission uses its assured methodology in handling customers’ requests so as to provide the best gift giving solution. With this notion, they have organized this process into 3 primary segments: Needs Assessment and Consultancy, Idea Design and Personalized Sourcing as well as Idea Fulfilment.

Complemented with their extensive understanding of corporate gift giving and value added services, Iderikt Fission has helped a multitude of customers achieve that desired marketing moment, ensuring that it is an impactful and long lasting one. Some of these clients include those of household names such as ST Electronics, NEC, F&N, among many others. In addition, Iderikt Fission was registered as an S4 GeBIZ trading partner in 2014.

However, these accomplishments did not come without challenges. When the company first opened its doors, the directors knew that the company lacked the financial muscle to compete with established players. It was again difficult getting customers without a client base and a reputable portfolio. In the recent years, the demand for online shopping has also surged, bypassing companies like Iderikt Fission.

Raymond recalled it as a ‘painstaking process’ as they slowly and gradually accumulated their client base. With much work and effort, the company took on customized projects and focused on value added services, building up their reputation as a reliable and valued corporate and premium gifts establishment.

When asked what makes his company different and unique from the rest, Raymond said, “There are not many corporate gift companies that are willing to do customized projects. It is a meticulous process to design and produce but we are transparent with our clients and give our very best.”

During his 5-year journey as an entrepreneur, Raymond has gained much wisdom and he shares some of that with us. “One of the most important thing that an entrepreneur needs is perseverance. You have to be persistent to reach your goals. It is also very important to have people who are willing to work and grow with you.”

Having attained much success in the past few years, the directors at Iderikt Fission is intent on accomplishing more. They are hoping to enter into the market of event management so that they would be able to fulfil not only the gifts sector but the entire event. Additionally, they are planning to set up a redemption service, whereby individuals can go to a collection point to have their gifts redeemed.

With the awarding of the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2015 award, it is a testament to how far Iderikt Fission has come since its beginning. It is without any doubt that the company will continue to achieve much success in the years to come.

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