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Mr.MP. Meyyappan

Steeltech’s Engineering Contractors Pte Ltd first forayed into the local construction industry a decade ago in 2005. Founder of Steeltech, MP. Meyyappan started up the company as he has always aspired to be his own boss ever since his younger days.

Prior to the founding of Steeltech, MP. Meyyappan worked in a large MNC within the construction industry too, allowing him ample time and resources to hone his craft within the trade. Over the course of his employment, MP. Meyyappan soon understood even the nittiest and grittiest bits of information pertaining to his trade as though they were on the back of his palm.

Riding on his extensive and in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, MP. Meyyappan decided to take the plunge with the formation of Steeltech. The firm’s initial years in operation proved daunting and no easy feat by far.

The transition from employee to employer proved a challenging task for MP. Meyyappan, and it took him some time to get acquainted and adjusted in his new role. It was MP. Meyyappan’s first time in the driver’s seat of a company, leading its directions and operations. The surge in responsibility for him was sudden and intense. Apart from such a factor, other challenges MP. Meyyappan faced also included a number of financial issues, including the initial capital cost of his business, constant and sufficient cash flow and also the struggle to hire new employees.

The story of Steeltech’s progress and growth since 2005 has certainly been commendable and admirable thus far. Within 7 years of its founding, the company ventured into the Indian market in 2012. In the 3 years since, it has been gradually grasping a firm foothold within the industry there, slowly but surely making a name for itself.

To add on to the company’s penetration into the Indian market, Steeltech has also grown in terms of its operations. From initially only offering labour contracts in terms of its services and works, it now also offers designing services to its clients on top of providing labour and manpower. It is essentially now a one-stop service company within the construction industry.

In the upcoming years ahead, Steeltech is looking to further build upon its successful expansion of its operations and venturing. The firm is looking to place even greater focus and emphasis in the Indian market, with the aim of providing numerous infrastructure works to countless job sites throughout the country. This is essentially Steeltech’s bid to gradually become a household name within the construction industry in India in time to come.

Notwithstanding its dedication and commitment to its operations in India, Steeltech is also looking to expand its network, looking to increasingly target civil engineering jobs so as to widen its reach of possible clients. Lastly, the ambitious company is also exploring the possibility of purchasing a factory that it is able to call its very own for cementing works.

This will be supplemented by the firm’s transition from a typically labour-intensive based operations where works are typically done manually by its staff to a more machine-based production, ramping up productivity, and along with it, output and efficiency, too.

With competition within the construction industry gradually becoming increasingly rife, Steeltech has to offer something different and noteworthy to set it apart from its rivals. MP. Meyyappan tells us that his policy in such a situation is to be able to offer works of high quality. The quality of works his firm promises to provide is equivalent to or even higher than that of other firms while still remaining cost-competitive.

The experience of the employees that Steeltech hires also plays a substantial part in its quest to differentiate itself from rival firms. The individuals all possess vast and extensive knowledge in the trade, ensuring that efficiency levels are at its optimal output, delivering quality works with speed and precision.

The name Steeltech’s Engineering Contractors was derived from a steel background. Along with the fact that MP. Meyyappan has been working in the steel industries all the while, he wanted a name that will connect his company to the nature of its business. Also, with Steeltech, MP. Meyyappan had name that was easy to remember and that clients could relate to.

MP. Meyyappan tells us that the secret to success les in a number of factors. Typically, hardwork and dedication are traits that must always be present, alongside cultivating a habit of learning for life. These factors complement an individual’s knowledge of the industry and trade that he or she is looking to venture into, and ultimately are the ingredients required to brew up a storm of success in time to come.

Steeltech undoubtedly has vast potential in its bid for further expansion and growth, be it locally or abroad. It is certainly on the right track to accomplishing even greater things in the near future!

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