2016 / 2017 Recipient

2016 / 2017 Recipient

Website: sageolabinternational.com

SA GeolabName of Recipient:

Mr. Syed Ahmad bin Abdul Rahman

Geotechnical engineering is a highly specialized field, which involves performing laboratory tests to determine the physical properties of soils and rock. It is a prerequisite step for construction firms to understand soil conditions and behavior before laying the foundations for any structure. This is because the type of soil can have a significant impact on the methods and equipment used in any infrastructure development and is used for costings for the potential project.

SA Geolab International Pte Ltd is a leading soil laboratory company in South East Asia providing a full range of lab analysis services from classification to index, strength and volume change tests. Led by Mr. Syed Ahmad, the company is proficient at testing both onshore and offshore soil samples with a stellar track record of servicing high profile clients from all over the world. SA Geolab’s site labs are accredited by the Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SINGLAS).

Prior to setting up his business, Syed worked under McClelland Engineers for 10 years. He was in charge of managing their lab before moving on to fulfill a contract with Hyundai for the Changi reclamation project. However, his dislike for remaining idle during the downtime between contracts pushed him to start his own company. He was confident that his background in the oil and gas industry would give him the experience and contacts needed to succeed.

Like many other start-ups, Syed faced the challenge of hiring staff when he first went into business. Due to the niche of geotechnical engineering, new employees would be lacking in experience and might be unwilling to work with a small firm. Additionally, the initial capital expenditure for doing business was also high due to the need to acquire lab equipment. He also shares that recent competition from other businesses has become stiffer due to the lack of work to sustain increasing overheads, leading to prices within the industry being slashed in order to secure jobs. To overcome this, Syed made the calculated decision for his company to take a high-tech approach in their operations.

However, although going high-tech differentiates SA Geolab from its competitors, it also requires a proficient well-trained workforce to take advantage of sophisticated equipment. Syed utilizes his connections within the oil and gas industry to send his technicians as well as engineers overseas to work on offshore vessels. This gives his employees a unique opportunity and builds up their experience and capabilities, which can be translated over to the local industry.

When asked for some of his proudest achievements to date, Syed cites the clinching of the contract from Dredging International Asia Pacific for the Jurong Island Westward Extension (JIWE) project as one of them. He regards the lucrative deals with European companies for long-term projects as one of the signs of his company being recognized for its quality. Another moment was when a National University of Singapore (NUS) professor who was an assessor for SINGLAS recommended the services of SA Geolab to a consulting group from the UK because of how impressed he was with their facilities.

Syed foresees a rapid expansion for SA Geolab in the next 5 years due to upcoming projects from Tuas reclamation works and potentially Pulau Tekong and Changi East as well. Besides upcoming local projects, he is also looking forward to overseas opportunities in Indonesia with dredging companies engaging their services and a lab in Jakarta due to be set up. As a result of these upcoming projects, SA Geolab have started a recruitment drive in order to meet the growing demand for staff at their branch laboratories.

For Syed, entrepreneurship means working to achieve your potential and pushing limits to grow as a person. He takes pride in the growth of his company, as well as providing people with gainful employment. Embodying the entrepreneurial spirit, Syed takes satisfaction in coming up with pioneering techniques that became recognized by his industry peers and consultants.

However, Syed finds himself most motivated by being a pioneer and role model for the Malay-Muslim community. He is driven by SA Geolab being the first Malay-Muslim company in Singapore to attain the recognition and success they have achieved over the years and hopes to be recognized by the community and industry for their work in the technology field.

Sharing the qualities that have driven his business forward, Syed maintains that one needs to ensure capability and honesty; capability to attract clients and honesty to inculcate trust and credibility in order to establish repeat clients. He advises to guard oneself against complacency and keep a self-analytical mind to find ways to progress. By adapting these qualities into his business, Syed has forged SA Geolab into a leading company highly respected and preferred amongst industry movers and shakers.

Contact Details
61 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 #04-05
Shun Li Industrial Park S(417943)
T| 6744 3923 / 6744 3924
E| enquiries@sageolabinternational.com


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Healthfit Massage Therapy LLP

Healthfit Massage Therapy LLP

Living in a highly cosmopolitan society like Singapore, it is common that people suffer from aches and sores from long hours at work. If left untreated, these pains will start to affect one’s state of mind and general wellness. Fortunately, this is where Healthfit Massage Therapy comes into the picture.

Established in 2008 and nestled in a humble and homely shop space in Fortune Centre, Healthfit Massage Therapy is a health salon that offers body/foot massages, and cupping services.

Founder Karen Wang shed light on how she got started and mentioned that it was a “coincidence” that she eventually led to her picking up massaging as a passion. She said: “I came over to Singapore to find work, I managed to stumble onto this trade, and due to interest, I came from not knowing anything (about massage) to being able to perform all different types of massage.”

Karen added that her entrepreneurial journey is on that is filled with hard work and rocky patches. “At the beginning, it was a one-man show, I didn’t have any employees, whatsoever”, added Karen.

Faced with so many difficulties, Karen refused to give up; instead, she worked even harder. She read widely and worked many hours to practice her techniques to perfection. Karen said that Singaporeans are very knowledgeable about the area of massage as many people go for regular massage sessions. Thus, she would have to ensure that she maintains a high standard with regards to her massaging techniques.

Moreover, Karen also pays close attention to customer service, and maintains that her business is able to thrive because everyone at the shop are people-oriented. She says that she remembers her customers by name and that one can expect a friendly atmosphere at Healthfit Massage Therapy.

When asked about her proudest achievements, Karen stated that she feels heartened to see loyal customers returning to her shop week after week. She went on to add that she has many international customers who will frequent her shop whenever they are in town for holidays or stopovers.

Karen went at length to help explain the origins of the company’s name. She said that the name “Healthfit” originated because of her hope to see customers become healthy and fit in both mind and body.

Always a positive person who would be constructive in life, Karen said that the most precious lessons that she had learnt from owning a business is her opportunity to learn a life skill, and also the ability to make lasting relationships with the people she meets.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Karen said that one must always be prepared for a rocky patch in business. She highlighted that an aspiring entrepreneur must always have a firm grasp and knowledge in the area he/she wants to go into.

In addition, she said that an entrepreneur must know how to lead. Going into details on this point, Karen said that not only must an entrepreneur have skills and knowledge in the work; he/she must also be a source of motivation to the staff.

To Karen, Healthfit is only possible with the help of her loving husband, who not only provides a source of comfort for Karen, but also helps out by facilitating the logistics and administrative aspect of Healthfit.

All in all, Healthfit’s success marks the achievements of an independent and resilient lady who is willing to work hard and take risks. Karen’s entrepreneurial journey is the epitome of the self-made man and will continue to inspire a new generation of people to continue to follow their dreams.

The Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award is presented to Healthfit as their story of hard work, passion, and determination is something that highlights Karen’s ability to live out her dream when she puts her mind and spirit into her passion for the industry.

Orchid Live Seafood

Orchid Live Seafood

Commonly known as a “Food Paradise”, Singapore hosts a wide range of food to satiate the appetites of people from different cultures and races. As eating is considered as one of our national past times, countless food places have surfaced in Singapore over the years, with foods like Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, and Roti Prata gaining cult status amongst Singaporeans. For a craving of fresh Seafood, they should look no further than the famous Orchid Live Seafood, located off Yio Chu Kang Road at 16 Jalan Kelutut and its sister outlet located off Sembawang Road at 1 Bah Soon Pah Road.

Established in 2002 by Mr. Steven Chua, Orchid Live Seafood is a haven for seafood lovers, presenting a wide variety of choices for individuals. While they offer up their signature dishes like Lobster Porridge and Steven Chicken, they also offer dishes such as steamed batin fish, deep fried tofu, live soon hock fish and prawns, whole abalones, and more. With their success, Steven has also opened up other restaurants, Orchid Live Seafood Beer Garden in Sembawang, as well as Suishouya Sushi Bar in the Singapore Island Country Club.

Steven is definitely not a newcomer in the F&B industry. Steven entered the F&B industry when he was only seven years old; he began doing jobs like washing dishes in a catering company. As he reached his teenage years, he had already learnt how to cook. The extensive exposure to the industry, coupled with his interest in food, drove him to open his first establishment, Crystal 18 Snack Bar. Gaining success in his Crystal 18 Snack Bar, Steven moved on to zi char cuisine, and eventually, in 2002, opened up a seafood restaurant in Orchid Country Club, aptly naming it Orchid Live Seafood.

When Orchid Live Seafood first opened its doors, Steven knew that their financial situation was not at its best. Therefore, as a result, he was not able to hire more employees to help with their workload, and Steven himself hence had to be hands-on with their work. Till this day, Steven is still a regular in the kitchen. “I’m still cooking the dishes for my customers all the time! Many times when I step out, my customers will tell me that they want me to cook their dishes personally.”

Slowly and gradually, Orchid Live Seafood built up their reputation as the go-to source for high quality seafood dishes, and customers started piling in the door. “At that time, there was no such thing as borrowing money from others. All we can do is invest money, and slowly expand the business.”

Since then, the reputation of Orchid Live Seafood had grew substantially in Singapore, with the introduction on local variety programs, celebrities had started visiting the restaurant regularly. Steven attributes much of their success to his signature dishes. “The Lobster Porridge was created thirteen years ago, and it is my own unique recipe and one of the signature dishes at Orchid Live Seafood. Another signature dish is our Steven Chicken, which was named after me, and is hand made by our chefs everyday. You won’t be able to find these dishes anywhere else except in my restaurants.”

As someone who has achieved much success in the F&B industry, Steven knows the well the ingredients to entrepreneurial success. “To succeed, one needs to be very hands-on and hardworking. When they start out, they will have to do much themselves, and they need to put their hearts into it. Doing it is different to just waiting for the money to come.” He then added, “Especially in the F&B industry, changes are constant and they have to be embraced in a healthy manner. They need to be attentive to their customer’s wants and requests in order to work their way to their hearts.”

Looking ahead to the future, Steven already knows what is in store for Orchid Live Seafood. “Today, many have opened up new seafood restaurants without knowing how to cook the food. So I am serving as an advisor and consultant for these restaurants in Singapore and overseas. For Orchid Live Seafood, we are contented with where we are at the moment. It will also be slightly difficult to expand, because of the shortage of manpower. For me personally, as I am reaching a certain age soon, I would be retiring, and handing over the business to my son, and letting him handle the business from then on.”

With their unique food offerings, long history, and the professional supervision of Steven, Orchid Live Seafood looks to be in good shape for the foreseeable future. With the legacy Steven leaves behind, we have no doubt Orchid Live Seafood will continue to be a favorite for seafood lovers in the years to come.

EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte Ltd

EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte Ltd

EnGenius Networks is a company that offers IT networking solutions to SMEs and SOHO users via IT distribution channel. Offer the users the ability to gain access to an Internet connection via wire and/or wireless solution. Their channel presence is extended to many regions, such as Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

The company was set up offering IT networking solutions because they were the makers of the Radio Frequency (RF) telephony product like Long Range Cordless Telephone since 1993. When there was lesser demand for the RF product line, during the turn of the century, they managed to transfer the RF technology to the wireless networking solution.

As expected of a relatively new company, brand awareness was low for EnGenius Networks during their initial stages. Moreover, the company did not have the funds for marketing and to create brand awareness. Despite the difficulty, the team at EnGenius worked hard in order to make up for their lack of advertising and marketing. One of the directors, Leo Meng Chee said: “Quality is the foundation, and reputation comes in only with good service.” Through perseverance and hard work, EnGenius managed to convince customers of their worth and their journey started getting smoother.

Leo mentioned that the IT industry is a constantly evolving industry, where personnel must update their knowledge and skills. Currently, EnGenius has found a niche area by providing IT solutions for the government and commercial sectors.

When asked about the major differentiating factor of EnGenius within the IT industry, Leo said: “Besides offering high quality products and services, we have been working closely with our channel partners, supporting them in their value-added pre and post sales needs. This will allow the channel partners to be part of the company’s overall growth.”

EnGenius looks ahead to the future and projects to double their manpower strengths in the next three to five years. The company also has plans to use Singapore as the main management hub and set up an overseas presence to service the local market. When asked about the emphasis on Singapore as EnGenius’ hub, Leo stated: “Singapore has its value, Singapore itself is a high quality brand. People know us to have a stable political climate; and we are seen as honest and financially stable.”

Leo is extremely proud of the fact that EnGenius has managed to succeed in the international arena. He added that this shows that dreams do pay off for those who are willing to work hard and put in the hours.

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Leo said resolutely, “vision, persistence, and a lot of sacrifices”. Evidently, this shows that entrepreneurship is multi-faceted and requires an individual to showcase many aspects of his/her talents.

Leo even talked about his source of inspiration and motivation in life. He said that he has learnt from his mentors and seniors along the way. He added that not only has his skills and knowledge improved, he also learnt humility from them. Moreover, Leo has the opportunity to travel the world, and he has also learnt a lot from interacting and learning from people of different cultures and beliefs.

Giving his take on the qualities that make a successful entrepreneur, Leo said, “honesty, hard work, and knowledge”. He went on to explain that honesty must be applied to oneself, one’s business partners and colleagues. It is only by building honest relationship that trust will be a common bond within a working environment, and as such, people will all work towards a common goal for the company. As for knowledge, Leo added: “Knowledge, as the modern world is now running in the gigabit rate, we all have to learn the new tactics and skills. This is so that we can offer a ‘Class A’ upfront service with the latest technology.”

The narrative of EnGenius Networks’ success is one that is written with hard work, perseverance, honesty, and passion. The company has set a new benchmark within the IT industry and will only continue to create new achievements in the years to come.

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Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting is a company that specializes in Feng Shui audits, destiny analysis, and wedding date selection. Established in 2006, the company now has a string of customers who swear by their services as one of the best in the country.

Motivated by pure interest in the subject during his days as a software engineer, David decided to study extensively on Feng Shui from various masters overseas. That has further strengthened his love for the discipline and has allowed him the rare chance to expand on his knowledge on Feng Shui. David mentioned that working and learning with different teachers has allowed him the opportunity to look at Feng Shui from different perspectives. Furthermore, David also sees his role in society and commented that he is doing his part to help people. He said: “Most people come to me for three reasons – health, marriage, career. They want to be happy and successful, that’s all.”

However, at the beginning, David struggled to find a solid customer base and started out with only a client per week. However, this number slowly grew because of positive word-of-mouth in online forums. In addition, his reputation grew as David also serves as forum advisor for online forum, SG Brides, where he provides free consultations to forum members.

“Everything can be fixed”, said David. He went on to add that while a house may have a (negative) “Qi” already inherent in it, it is up to the individual to change that negative “Qi” through a Feng Shui audit. Talking at length about the importance of Feng Shui in a house, David said that the most important areas in the house are the main door, stove, bedroom, and bed location. According to David, these three areas will determine the holistic health of a person, as such, it is extremely important that people pay extra attention to the aforementioned areas in the house.

David’s Chinese Metaphysics Global stands out in the industry, as he refuses to engage in marketing or commercials. This is because he refuses to see what he does as a business, rather, he chooses to view his customers as friends, and prefers to be more informal and friendly with them.

Moreover, David’s relative youth has allowed him to connect with clients, many of them in their late twenties and thirties. He said that many of the younger generation are not satisfied with the typical Feng Shui analysis, as they prefer in depth explanations of the Feng Shui method. David mused: “Many of the younger generation are not superstitious, they want to know the reasons behind a Feng Shui audit, rather than blindly follow instructions.”

Furthermore, David refuses to sell Feng Shui ornaments to his clients. This is because he believes that authentic Classical Feng Shui is a mathematical and scientific method, as such, the use of ornaments are merely commercialized Feng Shui, rather than the practice of a real science.

Always wanting to do more for the science of Feng Shui, David is already thinking about the future of his company. His main goal is to go into teaching courses on Classical Feng Shui. However, he wants the course to be in depth as he wishes to offer potential students the breath and scope of the science and art of Feng Shui. An enthusiastic David said: “I like my course to be in depth and holistic because I want to teach everything I know to my students.”

When asked about his proudest business achievements, David said: “I’m extremely proud of the fact that 80% of my business comes from referral.” In addition, he mentioned that he has been extremely privileged to be able to successfully break into the Feng Shui industry in a relatively short time of three years.

“Take responsibility for yourself, don’t push (any) blame to others,” said David. The importance of responsibility is something that David advocates since his first day of running the business. In addition, David also said that it is extremely important to follow up on customers after their first consultation, this will help in fine-tuning the Feng Shui audits, as this is also part and parcel of a Feng Shui master’s responsibility.

Since David has no fixed office, he drives around the country to meet with his clients. His typical working day usually begins at 10am and ends at 9pm. Despite the long hours that he puts in at work each day, David feels satisfied and happy that he is privileged enough to be able to do what he loves best.

“Honesty, integrity, and skill – those are the most important aspects of being a successful businessman”, said David. Evidently, David has managed to weave these three qualities together in order to produce the high standard of service at Chinese Metaphysics Global. No doubt, the company leads the way in its modern and contemporary approach in an oftentimes-traditional industry, and it is with that; David has changed and revolutionized the Chinese Metaphysics industry in Singapore.

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